Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween~~~

Happy Halloween

Yeah~! Is Halloween today.

Went to 1 UTAMA for Sakae Sushi tat day (Yeap! Make me diarrhoe & gastric). They are having 'Halloween Thrills' starting from the 24 October - 2 November 2008.

There are lots of activities organized in conjunction with this events
- Sweet treats on 18, 19, 24 & 31 October 2008
- Pumpkin Painting Contest on 25 October 2008
- Spooky Faces Demonstration by Play N' Learn on 25 October 2008
- Bobbin' Appel on 25 & 26 October 2008
- Kids Candy Hunt on 26 October 2008
- Mr. Midnight Story time with Aunty Thani by MPH on 26 October 2008
- The exciting family trick or treat game on 27 October 2008
- Halloween Costume Party on 1 November 2008
- Colouring Contest on 2 November 2008

They have decorated the Highstreet Area at the Ground Floor with Halloween Theme. WoW~!!! You can see Jack-o-lanterns everywhere!



BIG jack-o-latern...

man-made spooky trees...

cute owls...

BIG spooky tree...

scary ghost...

'you are cursed if you sit...'

Dun miss the SCARY fun... Faster drop by over this weekends... get some goodies from the Halloween Kiosk and take lots of photos of the Halloween decorations around.

HHmm... Im looking for the jack-o-lantern soft-toy. Anyone noe where I can get 1???

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Im SICK~~~

Im on MC today...

Whole nite... I cant fall asleep. I vomitted 3 times. I poo poo 2 times. And I have terrible gastric~!!!

Hhmm... Wat I had the nite before... Oh~!!! Sakae Sushi. But... Tat's not the 1st time me eating in Sakae Sushi. Well... I guess is my luck.

Went to c my panel doctor. She explained in details... saying tat my gastric might cause my vomitting or my vomitting might cause my gastric. Conclusion... DIARRHOE & GASTRIC~!!! End up, she gave me ALOT of medicine and shoo me back home to rest.

Waaa... Whole day Im feeling so so so terrible. I cant stand, I cant sit. Even Im lying down, I have to cramp myself up like a prawn. *sob sob* DUN ever get diarrhoe and gastric at the same time. You will just feel like killing urself straight away.

All I eat whole day is... PLAIN white bread & mum's cook porridge. Wat to do... I jus feel like puking when i smell food.

If Im still not well tonite... I guess I have to take another MC again. Will c how......

Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Deepavali~~~

Wishing ALL Happy Deepavali

Friday, October 24, 2008

Bored & Sleepy~~~

Is 2:00am now...

This is my last nite working nite shift for the week. Nex week I'll be back in normal shift for a week and... my nite shift starts again.

To tell the truth... Working nite time is NO FUN. There's only 3 of us in a shift. 2 of my colleagues are working inside the facility while me alone sitting in front of my comp... wait til the production over... den only come my part of work. Sitting here is so bored and sleepy... Listening to online radio... Surfing the net... Do some office work... No one to talk to...

There's no life when you work nite shift. Everyday you reach home is oredi mid morning near lunch time... Plus, I can nvr leave office on time as there's so so so many thgs to handle. If I leave early, my hp will be ringing non stop once i reach home and when Im sleeping.

After ur meal, you will start to feel sleepy and end up in your bed. By the time u wake up, is dinner time... After dinner, read newspapers and is time to change to go for work. That's my life for the past few days. Ish~!!! I DUN LIKE THIS!!!

Im so happy this week is ending soon and I gonna have 4 days rest as Monday is a public holiday. How m I gonna tahan for 3 months or even more???

Ohya~!!! Anyone of u, ur frenz or relative hav experience working nite shift ??? Please give me some advice on your working hours and nite shift allowance. THX~!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Restaurant Seafood Shiang Hee~~~

Sometimes... People craving for fastfood... Some craving for soft drinks... Some craving for chocolate... But there's this day that after waking up from my evening nap, I craving for... CRAB!!!

We usually have seafood at this restaurant in Manjalara Kepong - Restaurant Seafood Shiang Hee.

shiang hee seafood restaurant...

There alwiz have the crab promotion where 1kg of crab = RM20. CHEAP~~~!!!

crab promotion...

This restaurant is alwiz packed with customers. So we alwiz have to wait at least 20 mins above for our food to come.

We normally order only 2-3 simple dishes as our main dishes are on crabs...

black pepper beef...

belacan kangkung...

claypot fish head pieces...

Fried bun is a must to order. Dipping the bun into the sauce... Put into your mouth... yumm yumm~~~ *saliva dripping*

fried bun...

We ordered 2 types of crabs:
i) Spicy & sour crab 1.5kg

ii) Salted egg crab 1.5kg

All of us love eating crab. We dun even mind sitting there for an hour plus just to enjoy the crabs... DELICIOUS~!!!

crab meat...

While we are enoying ourselves with the crab meat... my sister enyoying herself by playing with the 'dead' crab...

smiling face crab...

evil crab...

Hhmm... Writing this blog make me hungry oredi... Mayb I shud go for another crab dinner this weekend... Hehe!

...Crab meat is somewhat high in cholesterol...'
My fren once told me.

Well... I DUN CARE~!!! When come to food, ntg can stop me. Hahaha~!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Short Interesting Movie~~~

...Received an email from my colleague and find it very interesting...


enlarge your screen...
Just click on the website and wait

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Is been a week since the last time i blog about something. Sorry guys~~~

My working time is so up-side-down. Sometimes Im working during normal hours. Sometimes Im working during nite time.

When Im working during normal hours... Im so busy handling every issues. When Im working nite time... Im too sleepy to blog. Worse still... My mind is so BLANK~!!!

Like now... Is 5am... Im in the office. Just finish doin everythg tat I need to do for the day. Wanna take a nap but my eyes are so BIG.

Because of the nite shift, my health become worse. I have to be on medication for 3 months for my hormonal imbalance problem. Haih...... Im feeling sick every few days... I HATE THIS LIFE~!!!

I wanna go home now~!!! :(

Will update my blog nex week when my time is back to normal k...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bad Day~~~

I had a bad day 2day. Very very terrible day~!!!


I have menstrual pain!!! I do have menstrual pain everytime but it can't be compared to the one Im having 2day. It is x100,000 times worse than any other time. I have never experienced this kind of pain and ache in my life. *sob sob* I cant sit. i cant stand. i cant lie down. Watever i do... I jus feel PAIN. Like everything in my lower abdomen gonna drop off anytime. I have to drown myself wif pain-killer - Ponstan.


OMG!!! My Sony Ericsson W880i committed suicide. I did 'CPR' few times but failed. After taking its last breathe... he's GONE! It made it. It managed to kill itself. But... Why la now??? Im so poor and it jus decided to leave without informing me earlier??? How can he b so cruel??? *sob sob* Now i have to use my baby's iphone. Haih... What phone Im gonna go for tis time??? *headache*


Is 11:45am now and Im sitting in front of my office computer. Thunderstorm can be heard clearly... It means heavy rain coming. What a nice weather to sleep... BUT too bad... Im working!!!

Just hope everything will turn good 2mr... especially my hp. Hope he will pity me and my wallet and 'wake up' by itself. Haha~!!! *scary*

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Location : Outside my house

Weather : Bad. Heavy rain coming on the way

Eh eh~!!! I tot rainbow comes after rain??? Y before rain oredi can see rainbow de???

Hhmm... I better go do some searching on rainbow and its scientific explanation 1st. I remembered I study this before... Well, getting old... Cant remember everything. :-p

rainbow 1...

rainbow 2...

Anyway, hardly we can see rainbow nowadays with the current environment situation. So... does it means... something good gonna happen???

Friday, October 10, 2008

Me working NIGHT SHIFT~~~

Is 12:05AM and Im sitting in front of my computer in the office.

No need to rub your eyes.
You nvr read the wrong word. Im in the OFFICE!!!

We are producing for Singapore and since the distance is long, we have to start producing the drug during midnite so that it will be ontime at the airport.

Today is the 1st nite Im working night shift. 2 hours passed and Im still quite fresh la I can say. This is because Im busy blogging. Hahaha~!!!

Is so quite... No one around. All are inside busy with production. All I have wif me now is my music, my blog, my hp and ntg else but myself.

Good thing bout working at nite...
1) U can do watever U like
2) U can blast music LOUD LOUD
3) U can eat anytime (definitely NOT ME!!!)
4) No BOSS around
5) No traffic jam

Bad thing bout working at nite...
1) U will miss ur bed, pillow & blanket
2) U wil have PANDA eyes
3) U wil get older FASTER
4) Scary to go toilet alone
5) Ur life will be up-side-down


Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Restaurant Seafood Soon Heong~~~

Last weekend, we decided to have our dinner at Restaurant Seafood Soon Heong in Manjalara Kepong. Everytime we passby this restaurant, especially weekends, it will be packed with customers. So this time, we 'die die' oso wanna try out the food here.

restaurant soon heong...

Either we are early or we are quite late, there are empty tables for us. *ahem* Maybe they noe Im coming to taste their food so... they keep a table for me. Hahaha~~~!!!

There are varieties of dishes served in this restaurant. The price are all quite reasonable too. We had a tough time deciding which dishes to try out 1st. Ended up, the boss has to bring out the menu for us to look at the pictures, easier for us to decide.

We ordered 5 dishes... ALL ARE MY FAVOURITE~!!!!!!

sizzling hot & spicy talapia...

wet salted egg mantis prawn in yamcake...

si chuan stingray...

fried vegetable wif garlic...

claypot brinjal with salted fish...

Overall, the food are quite delicious. Some might find it abit salty. But to me, ngam ngam la... The bill came up to RM70 - RM80. We find is cheap bacause we ordered 2 types of fishes and the mantis prawn which is quite expensive in some seafood restaurant.

I dun have the address with me for now. Will get it the next time I visit the restaurant. For those of you who usually have steamboat in Manjalara Kepong... This Restaurant Seafood Soon Heong is just at the end corner of the road, beside Restaurant Ampang Yong Tau Foo.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Home Cook Nasi Lemak~~~

Today, my mummy cook nasi lemak. This is because my sister has a project on the steps in cooking Nasi Lemak. So mummy volunteered to cook and we of coz 'volunteered' to eat la. Haha~!!!

Many steps involved in cooking the rice, sambal, etc. Too bad I wasnt around when mummy was cooking. So my photos will be the end results la.

coconut rice...

The sambal my mummy cook is so delicious. You can never get such perfect taste sambal outside at any nasi lemak stall.

ikan bilis sambal...

Many ppl wil have their nasi lemak served wif fried chicken, sambal sotong, beef rendang, etc. As for me, my favourite dish to have it with my nasi lemak is... *deng deng deng deng* ...SAMBAL KERANG~!!!

sambal kerang...

Beside all the sambal, there are other side dishes. I know I know. Y are there fishball and fried wanton in the photo. We invited my uncle and his family over. So we have to prepare some children favourite dishes la.

side dishes...

*yumm yumm*

my nasi lemak...

Anyone interested in nasi lemak catering??? Hahaha~!!! Im serious!!! Do contact me la... :-p

Thursday, October 02, 2008


Everytime I'll hear people telling about their maids - running away from home without anyone notice... went out with their friends and nvr come back since then... etc. I wonder, y they wanna do such thing? Isnt it better if you just inform your employer that you wanna terminate your contract and let you go? Don't they noe by running away, they will b caught and might not be able to go back to their own country???

Wondering y m I telling all these? Well... It just happenned lately. Of coz, not my Kakak tat run away. Is my aunt's Kakak. Let me tell you abit about this Kakak.

Her name is Kakak Sue. She has been working with my aunt over 9 years. She's married but divorced. One of her children is now studying in University back in her country. Throughout these years, among all the Kakak in all the families, she is known to be the most responsible, most friendly, most hardworking and most behaved Kakak. She looks after my aunt's 3 children since they are small and all of them of coz are close to her. Besides that, she's good in cooking, cleaning the house, looking after children tat come for tuition (My aunt is a teacher). Kakak Sue and my Kakak are quite close. Sometimes my Kakak will go over my aunt's place to hang out wif Kakak Sue.

Lately, my aunt noticed her character changed. So we tot tat she might be tired and wanna go back home to her children. But after asking her, she says she wanna continue working for another few years more. Her visa almost expired, and since my aunt's fren bringing her maid to renew passport, the fren brought Kakak Sue along. After renewed, my aunt was too busy and forgot to take back the renewed passport (3 years) immediately.

On the 1st day of Hari Raya, both Kakak Sue and my Kakak planned to take a day off and go shopping together in 1 Utama. Since is their day and they do it every year, we of coz are fine with that and even send them to 1U. That morning, our neighbours invited us over. While we are over there having breakfast, Kakak Sue called nonstop to ask when we are sending my Kakak over. Initially, they planned to meet at 12pm, but is only 10 plus, we of coz find it VERY weird. But the only thing we can think of is... Is holiday and she wanna go shop early.

Is 7pm, and no phone call from them. While my mum was bathing, I was resting in the room with sis, my dad was watching tv in the living hall. The bell rang. My sister went and openned the door and was shocked to see my Kakak taking a taxi home ALONE!!! She walked into my room and staying crying, saying :" Kakak Sue tinggal I satu orang sana. Tak tau mana dia pergi!"
I was shocked for awhile and quickly informed my mum about it. Mum called my aunt and she was shocked too to hear about it too.

"Bila kita kat sana, Kakak Sue mau cari dia punya kawan, suruh I tunggu dia. Dia cakap dia punya kawa tak suka dia bawa kawan bersama. I cakap tak mau, jgn tinggal I seorang kat sini. Kakak Sue den say ok. I mau pergi toilet dulu, Kakak Sue suruh I pigi, cakap akan tunggu saya, tak pergi mana-mana. So I masuk toilet la, but sebelum masuk toilet, I rasa tak berapa selamat, I keluar dan Kakak Sue sudah takde kat sana. I diri sana tunggu Kakak Sue pun tak balik."

She says she waited for quite a long time til her legs oso pain. She den walked from new wing to old wing and back to new wing and there's no sign of Kakak Sue around. She was paniced and dunno how to make phone calls. She oso scared to ask people coz they might suspect she's illegal maid and will call the police (She nvr bring her ID along). After so long, she then walked out to the taxi stand and request for a taxi to come home. Phew! Luckily she noes the way home. If not......

After the incident, my aunt called Kakak Sue's hp and the phone was off. She den went up Kakak Sue's room, onli noticed all her nice clothes are not around anymore. We recalled nvr see her bringing any big luggage when we dropped her in 1U. This means... She oredi PLANNED to runaway. We wonder when and where the clothes are out from the house. Lucky, ntg important went missing from my aunt's house. My aunt den went and make police report tat nite with her my uncle.

"I tak percaya kawan I buat ni kat I. Sudah lama kawan, kenapa dia macam ni???"
My Kakak was very upset when she comes home.

After noeing bout the incident, everyone was shocked. No 1 actually believed that the person that run away is Kakak Sue. To us, she's like the big sister to all our Kakak. We even ask our Kakak to follow her good example. But now... this happen. Really UNBELIEAVABLE!!!

For those who have Kakak at home. Make sure you guys beware of the following points:
1) Dun ever let ur Kakak keep her own passport
2) Keep all your valuables
3) If you noticed any strange attitude from ur Kakak, take extra precaution
4) Check on their belongings once in awhile
5) DUN 100% TRUST THEM!!!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya~~~

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Maaf Zahir dan Batin