Thursday, May 29, 2008

I Want A Break~~~


I Want a Break~!!! A very very long long break~!!! Cant remember when is the last time I have a long break. Staying at home doing nothing, going for classes i'm interested in (Dancing of coz!), going for a vacation far far away...... When only I can have this kind of life??????

After primary school... then secondary school. After finish secondary school.... college started.... Then went oversea to further studies... Continued with Honours year (Terrible year i can say!)... Coming back Msia straight started working.... There's no gap in between for me to REST~!!!!!!

I"M SOOOOO TIRED~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Was thinking to take a long break after i resign from my current work one day (Hmm... cant even tell when will that be)... But taking a long break means NO INCOME~!!! How to survive like that????????

Haihh...... This cannot... That cannot... Can anyone tell me what can I do????????????????????

I definitely gonna go crazy soon...!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

22 Months oH~~~

27.05.2008... Me and my baby have been together for 22 months already... Time flies......

The story begins...

It was a very very cold day (winter in Adelaide). I was feeling not too well but still FORCE to attend a welcome reception organized by my uni for the new comers. Well, i was the 'student guide' at that time so no choice, i have to attend.

There, i met him, my friend's cousin's classmate. Tall, thin, quite handsome (I think!), quiet and shy guy with hair center-parting...

'Hi, I'm Yang...' His 1st sentence to me, shaking my hands.

And.. our story goes on......

Met him the 2nd day... went for a mini concert with Jaclyn Victor and Anita Suwito being the guests for that night. Still being so quiet and shy (hehe...), didnt even get to talk to him.

'Well, maybe there's no click between us...' I thought.

Few days later, was chatting with my friend's cousin and managed to korek some info from her. Being smart of coz, I got his msn. Haha... We started chatting after that... and a week later... We are OFFICIALLY together. That's was FAST~!!! I know... :-p

Spending most of the time together... Going through alot of tough time (I was in the middle of completing my honours project that time)... He is alwiz there to support me, guide me, help me as much as he can to make me feel not too stress with what i'm goin thru.

Finally, i graduated. Unfortunately, i decided to take a break and return to Malaysia to start my career. That means... we have to separate from each other as he still have half a year till his graduation. Sob Sob....

6 months of long-distance relationship... Chatting online everyday, only can web-caming when the internet line is stable (you know what i mean), talking on the phone even for that few minutes. Let me tell you... Is not as easy as you think. Even though we dont see each other, there are still arguements between us. Yet, we managed to stay strong and overcome all the problems together.

Now, he's back and started working. And of coz, we are still good. i mean really GOOD~!

me and my baby...

22 months... many things happened. Good and bad, happy and sad... but no matter what happen, we will sure discuss together and sort things out.

I'm really happy and lucky to have him in my life... Love you, my baby~!!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Chopsticks Talent School~~~

Website: Chopsticks Talent School

-text adapted from Chopsticks Talent School

Artwinz Enterprise (parent company of Chopsticks Talent School '筷子学堂'), an exclusive "Singing, Dancing & Musical" Art School, was established in 8th August 1999. Chopsticks Talent School was found by Chopsticks Sisters '筷子姐妹', the Malaysia Top Ten Artists.

Chopsticks sisters '筷子姐妹'

Chopsticks Talent School is well-known in training children's singing, dancing and music course. Chopsticks Sisters have wide experiences and skills in singing, dancing and on stage performance plus have explored from overseas, thus, self-crafted a "Children's Special Singing and Dancing Course", which is one of the most attractive and demanding course in the School.

Their students are frequently invited for performance in all kind of occasions, eg: festival, celebration, campaign, cultural activities, annual dinner, etc. Nevertheless, those students with excellent quality are invited to perform in television shows, drama, MTV, commercial advertisement, etc.

In July 2004, Malaysia Chinese Culture Society has officially integrated with Chopsticks Talent School to promote and upgrade the standard of children culture art to enable the children to spin out Malaysia culture feat abroad.

Course of learning

  • Special Singing and Dancing Class
    • Singing / Vocal Class
      • Dancing Class
        • Musical Class
          • Others
            • Teacher Training Course
              • Due to the overwhelming response, Chopsticks Talent School has just opened the 3rd branch in Kota Damansara, having more classes to accommodate the growing demands.

                Chopsticks Talent School is progressively organising mini concert or music carnival throughout each year. This is to enable the students to capture experience on stage performance and to enhance their ability. The parents can also observe their children's learning status and to find out in-depth of their talent.

                All the teachers / instructors in serviced with us are dedicated, qualified and professionals. As they continue to strive arid serve their students better and to keep abreast of modern trends and needs, they are constantly upgrading and enhancing their courses.

                For more enquiries on classes and holiday workshop, please contact:

                Artwinz Enterprise
                Lot 2.73A, 2nd Floor
                Ue3 Plaza Uncang Emas,
                No 85 Jalan Loke Yew
                55200 Kuala Lumpur
                Tel: +603 9287 6720
                Fax:+603 9285 6720

                Chopsticks Talent School
                Lot 3.035, 3rd Floor
                Endah Parade
                No 1, Jalan 1/149E, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling
                57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
                Tel:+603 9543 0790

                Chopsticks Talent School
                12A-2, Jalan PJU 5/17,
                Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara,
                47810 Petaling Jaya
                Tel:+603 6141 8968

                Friday, May 23, 2008

                Seafood Dinner~~~

                Our generous boss held a dinner for his staffs and of course i was invited as well. The occasion was basically nothing. We just named it a 'working' dinner coz our big big boss says that we need to sit together to discuss on work issues. So here we are, sitting together enjoying food *AHEM* while 'discussing' on work issues.

                Restaurant Fresh Unique Seafood 23 is located along Jalan Kemajuan in SS13, Petaling Jaya. If you like fresh seafood, I guess it ain't gonna get any fresher than this. Here, there are one hundred (i guess!) fish tanks filled with all sort of live fish from abalone, crabs, shellfish, prawns, snails, lobsters to garoupa.

                unique seafood restaurant...

                This restaurant divided into two sections: seafood section and cooking section.

                left: cooking section; right: seafood section...

                2 big fishes...

                Group photo time... Everyone is lazy to move around. So no choice... I've to take it 3 by 3... cut and paste it to make it a GROUP photo... (Ish... take me quite a while to do it... why cant they just move around...)

                *TA DA*
                My hard work... I noe is simple but I'm not that expert so.... U noe laa...

                left (top): Dr Khairi, uncle See Jin, Me, Mr Rahman, Chua, Anji...
                left (bottom): Dhalisa, Miss Ong, Naresh, Dr Brahma, Mr Stephen (our generous boss), Mr Siew...

                We started off with crab meat in sweet corn soup. Tasty...

                crab meat in sweet corn soup...

                The next dish was oat style prawns. Fresh prawns cooked with crunchy oat and curry leaves. Abit spicy... I love prawns cooked this way.

                oat style prawns...

                Here come the steamed fish. They sliced the fish, then arranged the sliced pieces back to form its original body. By doing this, it can take off the 'yucky' smell of the fish... Hmm... Did the fish screamed for help before being killed??? Why is it mouth so SO BIG~???

                'giant mouth' steamed fish...

                Next was the clams - La La. The clams were cooked in 'kam heong' style. Let me tell you... That was the first time i ate such a BIG clam... The shell is so heavy... i really wonder how the bill gonna be like later...

                'kam heong' style la la...

                Then there was '4 kings' - Long beans, four-ankle beans, lady's finger and shorter long beans (eh! I thought it suppose to be petai???) fried with garlic. Our dear Anji is on vegetarian today. So we have to have something 'vege' la...

                '4 kings' fried with garlic...

                Finally, what we have been waiting for.... CRABS~!!! Some of us prefer spicy and some dont. So we decided to order 3kg and make it into 2 dishes - non-spicy spring onion and ginger crabs & spicy chilies crabs... YUMMY~!!!

                spring onion and ginger crabs...

                spicy chilies crabs...

                Dessert time...

                watermelon, mango, papaya, starfruit, honeydew...

                Did we managed to 'discuss' on work issues??? Hmm... Of coz we did! But out of the 20 questions... Let me count... 1... 3... 5... errr.... I think that's it! Discussion OVER~!!! Ha Ha Ha!!!!

                It was a nice dinner... Oh~! The bill... Well... The dinner cost about RM6xx, which is about RM5x plus per person. Isn't that bad... (of coz la... I'm not paying! :-p Ha ha!)

                Anyway, THANKS boss~~~

                Unique Seafood Restaurant :
                Address: Lot 9B, Jalan KemajuanSection
                1346200 Petaling Jaya
                Tel : 03 79602088

                Monday, May 19, 2008

                H@ppY Wes@k D@y~~~

                Wishing everyone Happy Wesak Day~~~!!!!!!

                Saturday, May 17, 2008





                专辑 :《独家记忆》
                歌手 :陈小春
                发行 :环球

                1. 自我作主

                2. 难朋友
                3. 独家记忆
                4. 睡吧
                5. 臭皮匠
                6. 不在服务区
                7. 首席大腕
                8. 每个女人都是美人
                9. 好难好难
                10. 我不是伟人(粤)
                11. 好男人(粤)



                喜欢一个人 看下大雨
                没联络 孤单就像连锁反应

                让现在的我 可怜到底
                对不起 谁也没有时光机器
                已经结束的 没有商量的余地

                我希望你 是我独家的记忆
                摆在心底 不管别人说的多么难听
                是你 是给我一半的爱情

                我喜欢你 是我独家的记忆
                谁也不行 从我这个身体中拿走你
                有关于你 绝口不提 没问题

                让现在的我 可怜到底
                对不起 谁也没有时光机器
                已经结束的 没有商量的余地

                我希望你 是我独家的记忆
                摆在心底 不管别人说的多么难听
                是你 是给我一半的爱情

                我喜欢你 是我独家的记忆
                谁也不行 从我这个身体中拿走你
                有关于你 绝口不提 没关系

                我希望你 是我独家的记忆
                摆在心底 不管别人说的多么难听
                是你 是给我一半的爱情

                我喜欢你 是我独家的记忆
                谁也不行 从我这个身体中拿走你
                有关于你 绝口不提 没限期

                Friday, May 16, 2008


                Durians from Penang. They also call it 'ang he' (i think it sounded like this... haha...)

                three durians enjoying their last moments...

                wow... is so yellow...

                this belongs to me (poke with my finger) haha...

                yumm yumm...

                opps... no more...

                Wednesday, May 14, 2008

                H@ppy Mummy's D@y~~~

                It was Mummy's Day last sunday. So i've decided to bring my family for a nice n 'expensive' dinner... Tony Roma's at Cineleisure Damansara.

                The night before... 12:30AM... Standing outside The Sanctuary, The Curve...

                Me: " Baby, i think we will go for Tony Roma's, okie?"

                Baby: " Yea sure. But... Have you make reservation? Is Mother's day yea..."

                Me: "Oh... I forgot. Can i call now?" (Started calling......)

                Baby: "Are you drunk??? Is 12:30AM...!!!!!!!" (We were having few drinks just now)

                Tony Roma's staff: "Helo! Tony Roma's......"

                Me fast fast passed the phone to baby... OMG~! Someone actually taking calls......

                Baby: "Helo! I would like to make reservation for 8PM tomorrow plz..... ... ... Thanks."

                Me standing 1 side laughing non-stop... Wow~! 1st time making reservation at 12:30AM.... Hahahahaha~~~

                That nite...

                8:00PM... Outdoor of Tony Roma's...

                The restaurant was packed with people. We managed to get a big table for 8. We thought our orders might take quite a long time to come as there are few tables not served with food yet. Fortunately, all our orders came in just 20 minutes. That was FAST~~~

                refillable ice lemon tea...

                free nachos

                soup of the day...

                rib combo set with grilled gulf shrimp...

                grilled pacific cod with garlic scrampi butter...

                rib combo set with BBQ chicken...

                shrimp pasta..

                rib combo set with sirloin steak...

                complementary cake...

                roma's colossal cheesecake...

                It was a wonderful dinner. Everyone was happy and of course, FULL~ (Burrp...).
                They even took a family photo for us for free...

                Service... Excellent
                Food... Excellent
                Environment... Excellent
                Price... Well... Not too bad... Still affordable

                Tuesday, May 06, 2008

                Mood DOWN~~~

                My mood is so DOWN today.

                Nothing seems to go the way i wish for... Am i asking too much??? Sometimes i really wonder......

                Can anyone make me HAPPY???

                I need a big big HUG now~~~~~~~~~ *SOB SOB*

                Monday, May 05, 2008

                Pre-getting-married phoebia...

                "Eh! When you getting married har? Pak toh how long dy? Why still dun wan get married? bla bla bla..."

                No No... Dun get it wrong! Not me getting married~!!!!! Mine a? Another few years pa.... Enjoying life here you know~!!!

                Finally, my cousin brother is getting married on the 31st of August 2008. People celebrating merdeka day.... but my cousin gonna make this day his 'NO MORE merdeka' day. Hahaha~!!!!!!

                1st up... Wedding photo shooting session...

                1 week before the shooting,

                "ko... i take leave on that day... teman you go photo shooting ok?" (Actually i wanna take a break from work. Hehe!)

                " Sure lah! Dun forget to bring me some comic books, so that i can laugh and smile when i take photos. if not would be bitter black black face..."

                "Sure! Sure! Dun worry! With me and your sister around... your bitter black black face wont be there..."

                *PENGSAN* What la my cousin! He where dare to show that face ? Not scared his wife-to-be shows lagi bitter black black face a??? Hahaha~!!!

                "Make sure that u bring kipas and aircond. Make sure that i'm cold and not too hot... Make sure... Make sure..."

                *PENGSAN AGAIN* Where to get a portable aircond??? Siao~!!! -.-

                "Yes boss......" (can i say no???)

                OMG~!!! My cousin brother memang has pre-getting-married-phoebia... Hahaha~!!!!!!

                Saturday, May 03, 2008

                Finally~~~ My BLOG~!!!

                BORING saturday morning!!!

                "Why do i have to work on Saturday? Isshh......" Sitting in front of my computer... thinking SO hard what should i do for these few hours...

                *BLINK* *BLINK* (after thinking so so hard...)

                "Maybe I can start my own blog!" YES~! Let's start a blog. My very own piggybie's blog!

                Sign up... Create blog... Pick a nice layout... Do some settings... click here... click there... FINALLY!!! I'm typing my 1st post... Isn't that hard after all. A little late... but a start is always good, I think.

                Now, just hope that i won't be too lazy and make this my 1st and last blog. Hehe!

                PiGGyBiE~! Gambateh!!! *MOTIVATION*