Wednesday, September 07, 2011


Today is a busy day. Stress~~~!!! Cant think of anything to blog... So I gonna post photos of ME... Hehe...

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Italiannies - Let's Do Lunch~~~

Its time for lunch. Kinda bored with the food behind my office. So, Steve suggested to head to Empire Shopping Mall to hunt for food~~~

'Lets Do Lunch!' from Italiannies caught our eyes...


The lunch set comes with a cup of soup or green salad & free flow of Pepsi... and is RM15.90++

Being greedy, we ordered extra appetizer - Quattro Platter. A combination of deep-fried risotto balls, calamari, fried lemon cheesy balls and zucchini strings, complete with marinara sauce and alfredo dressing for dipping.

The cheesy balls are so CHEEZY.. The risotto balls are so RICEY.. The Zucchini strings are so NO COMMENTS.. The calamari are NICE......

quattro platter...

Here comes our lunch set...

Mine... Garden salad + Ham & Mushroom Pizza + Pepsi

Kuah... Minestrone soup + Penne Bolognese + Pepsi

Steve... Minestrone soup + Pan Fried Fish with Butter and Capers + Pepsi

Hhmmm... Now I have trouble concentrating with my work... I'M TOO FULL~~~

Monday, September 05, 2011

Angry Pig~~~

*hint hint*

Anyone wanna buy me the biggest Angry Pig???